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Legislative Action

WyWatch Family Action
Legislative Action Center
There are many ways, you as a family, can stand with us and support our efforts.

Join our e-lert list:  We send out extremely time sensitive e-lerts to our members that not only inform you about the legislative issues and where each bill or amendment is in the process, but we also give you the ability to take action on each issue when appropriate.

Be an informed citizen:  WyWatch Family Action provides many opportunities to stay informed, one of which is every legislative session we post our oppose/support list and provide links to the bills for you to read for yourself.

Communicate with your Legislator: It is vital that our members communicate directly with their legislators either in person, by phone, or by mail (e-mail or USPS).  Legislators are elected to represent their constituents, so please make sure that your voice is heard when appropriate.

Follow Your Legislator's Voting Record: It is just as important for each of our members to know how and why your legislators voted on the life, marriage, and other important issues.  We have provided you with a voting record on this website.  Click here to view the 2005-2010 Wyoming Legislative voting records.

Attend Committee Hearings: To do this, you will need to know when they take place, so again...please join our e-lert list.  You do not always have to speak up, but your attendance in a legislative committee hearing while supporting the expert testimony and other eloquent speaking concerned citizens is also very important.  The number of supporters a bill has in committee does effect the outcome of many votes.

Prayer Support: We humbly ask for your prayers. For we do not fight against flesh and blood alone.  We must remember the important spiritual battle that takes place every day at the state capitol.  If you can attend committee hearings or floor debates and simply pray, it will be very appreciated by many of the believers who work hard to guard faith, family & freedom in Wyoming.

Contribute Financially: It takes a lot of time and money to be able to work as hard as we do.  Currently, WyWatch Family Action is being run with volunteers.  However,  administrative expenses all need to come from the organization.  Please contribute as generously as you can to keep the organization at full operational capacity.

We thank you!  We thank you for your support and for your prayers.  We cannot succeed in our mission without the good citizens of Wyoming joining the TEAM.